Junior Umpire Program
Sandwich Little League established the Junior Umpire program in 2004. Currently there are over 35 umpires in the program. Each year the league has room for 8-10 new umpires depending on how many umpires leave the program.

To qualify for the program you must:

  1. Have graduated from the SLL and no longer play Little League baseball
  2. Agree to attend the Cape Cod Baseball Umpires Class (held in January at Barnstable High School)
  3. Not be involved in multiple spring sports
  4. Submit a letter (or e-mail) of interest to the President of SLL
  5. Be willing to purchase MBUA shirt and hat and conform to the umpire's dress code.

History shows that the best umpire candidates are children who enjoy the game and have time available to work games. Children involved with multiple sports that have games and practice scheduled four to five nights a week are not the best candidates for the program. You need to have time in your schedule to do games!

SLL has been willing in the past to help new umpires acquire shin guards, chest protectors and masks.

SLL will pick up the cost of the class for the new umpires chosen.

New umpires normally work at the lower levels (AA and AAA) for the first year or two to gain experience. If they stay in the program they may have the opportunity to work in one of the summer tournaments SLL host each year.

SLL takes great pride in the program and many of our umpires are now doing upper level games. Umpiring can be a great part time job but it takes work and effort to be good.